Communication Protocol

Hi folks, the way I see it for the moment is, that we've got five instruments to communicate with each other: 1. Email 2. Sourceforge Discussion (nobody uses it) 3. Blogger, this thing here, some are using it 4. Google Group, some are using it 5. CVS repository for file sharing Then, after a while and some try and error I could successfully compile witl and I even ran WitlApp.java but Aspirin produces an exception. Could anyone successfully run WitlApp version Jul 6, 2005 I haven't checked out the Aspirin Docu yet. Maybe someone could store an Aspirin Working Sample into our CVS Repository. I think we should either use Google or Blogger, but not both. D:\Java\mycvs\witl\com\isaac4\lgpl\witl>java com.isaac4.lgpl.witl.WitlApp myemail@hotmail.com04.08.2005 20:46:48 org.masukomi.aspirin.core.RemoteDelivery deliverSCHWERWIEGEND: java.lang.NullPointerException04.08.2005 20:46:48 org.masukomi.aspirin.core.RemoteDelivery deliverWARNUNG: No mail server found for: hotmail.com04.08.2005 20:46:48 org.masukomi.aspirin.core.RemoteDelivery failMessageWARNUNG: Permanent exception delivering mail (javax.mail.internet.MimeMessage@1a0c10f-to-hotmail.com: javax.mail.MessagingException: I found no MX record entries for the hostname hotmail.com. I cannot determine where to send this message. at org.masukomi.aspirin.core.RemoteDelivery.deliver(RemoteDelivery.java:177) at org.masukomi.aspirin.core.RemoteDelivery.run(RemoteDelivery.java:486) at org.apache.commons.threadpool.DefaultThreadPool.run(DefaultThreadPool.java:156) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

Versions Management

Hi, which version of Aspirin, J2EE, J2SE, Eclipse and CVS builts the development platform of witl?